ŷ Eirlys tenants get to know each other

Well it’s a week to go until the move in date, and the residents of Pobl’s new flagship development for adults with learning disabilities in Stow Hill, Newport, are chomping at the bit for their big day to arrive.

Staff organised an informal get together in Exchange House with all the Tŷ Eirlys tenants and the staff, an opportunity to get to know each other over a sandwich and a cuppa, start fostering friendships and to have the opportunity to talk about any last minute issues.

Tenants spoke about their excitement and what they were looking forward to most, with a few confessing they were already “fully packed” and “raring to go”,

“Having my own space”, “Meeting new friends” and “being able to cook” were three of the aspirations high on the agenda of the tenants.

Tŷ Eirlys is very much leading the way in Wales for this type of housing provision and provides a much needed and well awaited pathway between supported and independent living for the tenants.

The big move for the 13 residents will take place throughout the first week of April.

Tŷ Eirlys is the result of a highly successful collaboration between Reach, Charter, Newport City Council, Welsh Government and local builders Willis Construction.

Article created: 29th March 2017 

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