Reach’s Newid Housing Support Team Poetry Corner

Reach’s dedicated housing support team ‘Newid’ provide support for people identified as potentially having long term lower level needs.

A group of people supported by Newid have come together to sit on the newly formed editorial panel of Newid’s newsletter, and come up with the idea of a poetry competition, with the highly competitive topic of sport!

Support workers have been raleighing around collecting the poems, and what a fantastic response. Judging was no mean feat and the standard of poems were superb.

The top three chosen each received a £10 Argos Voucher courtesy of Team Newid. We would like to thank our service users for their contributions and encourage them to continue to get involved as Newid needs you!

The Winners are….

Sport by Bridget McKeon

Sport is not for me I have a dodgy knee
But in my youth
My teachers thought me good at
Cross Country

I broke the rules a little Of which I am not proud
But here’s what really happened When I was supposed to be running around.

Me and my mate
Would duck out of sight Making sure no-one saw us sit around for a while
Eat some sweets with a smile

Then head back to school on the bus!
Always the first to finish It got me a lot of attention but if I’d been found out
I would have got a clout
And a bloody long time in detention!

SPORT by Nick Bower

I love football
I support Liverpool F.C
Forget Man Utd and Man City.
They’ll never walk alone
As long as I’m about
And every time they play,
I just scream and shout.
Klopp is the boss man
He’s German, not French
But the reds do as he says
Or they’ll sit on the bench!
I’ve got five Liverpool shirts
They cost me a bomb
Well, not all of them did,
I had them off my mum.


SPORT by Martin Tucker

It comes in many forms

It brings people together

Playing or supporting

Out in all winds and weather

Sport can be varied

Even Darts is one

Sport in the water or on the snow

To jump, to throw, to run

For me, my favourite sport,

As all my friends tell me

Is every different kind I can watch on the telly.

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