We’ve worked with the children and young people who use our Outreach service for 2 years now, and thought anti-bullying week would be a great opportunity to not only bring people together but to truly engage with one another and have some fun.

Key priorities were to get a bit of a sense check as to what understanding our young people have around bullying. Are they able to identify it and do they know who to tell and what to do to stop it? Although this is pretty basic, it is so important for everyone, not only our young people. The statistics around bullying are worrying; it can happen at school, at home, in the street and also in the workplace. By being able to identify it – we can all help to stop it.

Both sessions were a great success and varied greatly. There were stories, interactive video’s and arts & crafts. Shaun Suller, who manages the service has only recently joined reach and it was his first event. I must admit he made a great storyteller and was an absolute natural. He did a great job and everyone went home smiling and very proudly wearing their bullying masks and medals. Some parents also chose to come along and took pleasure in joining in.

Shaun added, “I have always been passionate about working with children, so when the opportunity came up to run an event that would educate children on serious issues I was happy to create an event.
I feel that the event went well, it was the first time reach has done an event to involve the younger people we support and everyone seemed to engage well and enjoy themselves. Families were happy about the event as it gave their children a chance to socialise with others and learn about issues they may face in life and what to do about them.

Next year we hope to run the event again but to more young people and their families. Maybe include them with some role play or create an anti-bullying video themselves”.

There will be definite plans for another event next year, hopefully we can source a venue and get a little more active and noisy!

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