Outreach Service

Our outreach service is person centered and flexible.
It’s aimed at getting children, young people and adults out and about within their local or wider community.

•We encourage you to control your support. It can be a regular occurrence or as and when you choose. We will work around you and the needs of your family.

•We give everyone the opportunity to enjoy social activities, take part in hobbies/interests – and sometimes, even discover some new ones!

•We work around the person and their needs and go at whatever pace suits.

There are many benefits to using our Outreach Service. Here are some of them that we are confident everyone will:

•     Have quality one to one interaction.

•     See an increase in social skills and interaction.

•     Improve their communication skills – including those who don’t use words.

•     See a noticeable difference in their confidence and self esteem.

•     Have an increased opportunity to access their local community.

•     Begin to get to know new people, build new relationships and gain trust.

•    Learn new skills and make progress.

Why reach?

•    We encourage you to control your support.  It can be a regular occurrence or as and when you choose.  We will work around you and the needs of your family.  We call this being        person centred and pride ourselves on working in this way.

•    We have brilliant staff! It’s more than just a job for us and this really shines through.  We  provide staff with all of the  training they need.

•    Reach has a wealth of experience in supporting individuals with Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Sensory Impairments, Autism, Complex needs and Challenging Behaviour.

•    We have our own clinical practice specialist on hand for advice and support whenever we need it. This knowledge  and experience provides further support when it comes to Autism and Challenging Behaviour.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about our Outreach Service, please contact:

Natalie Hayes

Tel: 01633 225112

Email: natalie.hayes@reach-support.co.uk