Intensive Support Package Service

Our purpose centers around the people we support.

Many people with learning difficulties, complex mental health needs and autistic spectrum conditions want to live independently, but need professional specialist help and support from time to time.

We have developed a specialist service to work with the Local Authority supporting people with complex and enduring needs which are staffed by Intensive Support Workers.


Behind every behaviour is a story – we want to understand the story, we call this Functional Analysis.

Often challenging behaviour occurs either through frustration at not being able to communicate, not being understood, or because the person is at odds with their environment.

The aim of Positive Behavioural Support is to smooth the fit between the person and their environment.

Working together

•    Intensive Support Package teams meet weekly and staff members attend Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings.

•    The reach Clinical Practice Specialist works with the Multi-Disciplinary Team until they feel confident to withdraw.

•    Evaluate staff performance against the Positive Behaviour Support plan to check the plan is effective.

•    Reach Clinical Practice Specialist provides bespoke training with our Learning and Development Team.

•    Reach Clinical Practice Specialist has extensive experience reviewing, and amending Positive Behaviour Support Plans.

•    Reach Clinical Practice Specialist Records, analyses and debriefs incidents of Challenging Behavior.

Life improvement

•    Improvements in the person’s quality of life so they are doing more of the things they enjoy.

•    Increased community presence.

•    Reduction in challenging behaviour frequency or intensity. Behaviours aren’t as intense, or do not last as  long, and there are longer periods of calm.

•    Reduction in restrictive  interventions, or the amount of times  a person is held for their or others safety.

•    Reduction in use of medication used to help calm the person when they are getting upset or angry.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about our Intensive Support Package Service – please contact:

John Glennon

Tel: 01633 233889 / 01633 679899


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