The voice of the people supported by reach

The Action Group is the voice of the people supported by reach.

They meet every six weeks in Newport to talk about the support they receive and other important things that matter to them.

Over the years they’ve helped to make reach policies easier to read and had input on business plans and staffing structures. The Action Group members have also been asked to help to choose the last two Corporate Directors by taking part in interviews.

Every year The Action Group makes a plan for the year ahead. This year they want to increase the number of people involved with The Action Group and make meetings more dynamic with guest speakers, themed days such as relaxation and health; and creative ways of finding out what people think. If you are interested in joining The Action Group or have any ideas for improving the group then please contact us on or phone the facilitator Tracey on 07736 285031.

Another aim The Action Group has, is to hold regular social events to get people supported by reach together. After the success of the ‘In your shoes’ conference several years ago, The Action Group decided to establish a bi-annual awards event, offering people supported by reach and staff the chance to nominate people for one of six awards, including a staff award.

This year the awards evening will be held on Wednesday 15th April in Lysaghts Institute.

Tickets are £10.00 or £5.00 if supporting someone on the night. People short listed for an award can attend for free.

For more information or if you would like to attend and need to purchase a ticket, contact Tracey on 07736 285031 or email

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