Supporting Roger to gain his independence

Roger is one of the most recent people to be supported by our Care at Home Team at reach. He is 54 years of age and has Autistic Spectrum Condition.

His aunty Pat spoke to us about the huge difference that the high quality support has made to the life of her dear nephew Roger.
Roger’s life changed dramatically 18 months ago, when both his parents passed away within a short period of time of each other. Roger had lived a quiet, yet very contented life, being fully supported by his loving mother and father, who had been happy to do everything for their son.
Although very able, Roger found himself overwhelmed, his support network he’d had all his life was no longer there and he was living in a large empty house all alone, with little idea of how to run it, and the responsibilities that go with it. Fortunately Roger has always been close with his aunty Pat and uncle Eddie, so they were able to help him, although they were constantly worried about his wellbeing, coupled with the fact they were not getting any younger themselves.

It was whilst talking about their anxieties for their nephew that a friend mentioned reach, and that they might be an organisation who could help them. Within a week, they had contacted and heard back from reach, who confirmed they would be able to help Roger. Around the same time, Newport City Council contacted Pat to say that a small flat, in the Rogerstone area, where Roger had lived all his life, had become available.
Roger has since moved into his beautiful new flat, and receives regular support from reach. For the first time in his life he is experiencing and enjoying his new found independence. He has built excellent relationships with his Support Worker Terry and the Service Manager Sara. Who are there to provide a range of support from benefit advice to supporting him to be able to cook his meals and showing him how to operate the microwave, taking him shopping and even accompanying him on bike rides up the local canal!

Roger has also become more socially confident, having previously travelled everywhere by taxi, he can now catch the bus on his own, and regularly travels to the local pub in the early evening to meet his friends for a few hours.

His aunty and uncle still play a huge part in his life, but his growing independence, nurtured by the care and support of Terry and Sarah has dramatically improved his quality of life. Pat and Eddie also have the reassurance that their nephew is in a safe environment, receiving the support that he needs, whilst learning and doing things, that they all would have never thought possible.

Pat and Eddie can’t speak highly enough about the support shown to not just Roger, but to themselves as well and openly say they are not sure how they would have been able to cope.

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