A Picture Of Martin’s Mind

An ordinary vist to Libanus House; our reach office in Blackwood was transformed today by another visitor to the office… Martin, one or our service users.
Martin, aged 66 took us on a journey inside his mind and explained his thought process behind his ever growing collection of paintings.

He is always working on a painting, added “Painting is my hobby, it’s a way to express myself. The inspiration is all in my mind and is all generated from my imagination through my mental expression. Images build up in my mind and I choose to express them rather than suppress them, therefore painting what I see.”

Martin first discovered his passion for art when he was 16 after entering a Wall’s ice cream painting competition. Winning 3rd place with a drawing of a machanic in a garage; he has continued to draw and paint ever since, finding enjoyment in every flick of his brush.

Martin is looking to advance in his hobby by enter painting competitions and displaying his work in an expidition, much like his favourite painters Van Gogh and Caravaggio.

The mojority of his creations are given away to good homes or donated to Libanus House, bringing each wall to life.

Martin above with 3 of his paintings fron Libanus House.

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